The Team behind The Little Cow Shed

Barry and Val

Head of the Dale Farming family behind The Little Cow Shed and often sighted together. Barry and Val have been part of the Brereton community for generations: – there’s nothing these two don’t know about Dairy Farming.

Favourite part about The Little Cow Shed:

“Seeing our customers enjoying milk from our happy cows!”


Ed Dale is the son of Barry and Val and the brainchild behind The Little Cow Shed. Possibly one of the most energetic people, Ed’s brain is constantly fizzing, and he’s never far from a new idea about farming. When he’s not farming, you’ll find Ed eating!

Favourite part about The Little Cow Shed:

“The coffee machine for sure!”


Etty is Top Cat down at The Little Cow Shed. Her role is to keep everything running smoothly with her brilliant team to ensure customers get the best experience. She can often be found sampling new products or with her sidekick Bramble, who takes her for a walk. If you didn’t know already, Etty is also the absolute Queen of Sass!

Favourite Little Cow Shed Treat:

“Blueberry Muffin Milkshake”


Jodie is the unsung hero behind The Little Cow Shed, who makes sure that everything works to plan. She is the queen of multitasking and is often found updating socials, taking charge of marketing or dreaming up new ideas.

Favourite Milkshake Flavour:



Becky loves all things bee and biodiversity, which is excellent as she’s our resident beekeeper. Becky is also our master pasteuriser, so when she’s not with her bees, she ensures The Little Cow Shed milk is on point every day of the week.

Favourite Little Cow Shed Treat:

“Ice Cream Tubs”

The Team on the Farm

You’ll meet our friendly team down at the Little Cow Shed, looking after the area and keeping everything tickety-boo. When they’re not there, our team are tending to the cows and the grass to keep our standards high.

Favourite Team Treat:

“A breakfast bap to kick off a Sunday morning”